It’s Time for Some Good News

Recruiting Talent in 2022 - The Duffy Group

Opportunities for Recruiting Talent in 2022 I’m always ready for the excitement of starting a new year, of looking ahead to the possibilities that come with a fresh start. There have been many challenges for HR professionals and talent acquisition experts in the past 12 months, but I’ve seen positive signs that 2022 will offer […]

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Tell, Don’t Ask: What Recruiters Need to Know Before Asking about Vaccination Status

What Recruiters Need to Know Before Asking about Vaccination Status

The COVID pandemic has required all of us to navigate challenging terrain in a landscape that seems to be constantly shifting. This is especially true for recruiters and hiring professionals.  One of the biggest challenges we’re now facing is the question of vaccination status. Some employers, especially those operating in industries like healthcare, education, and […]

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Branding Your Opportunity

Branding Your Opportunity | Attract the Best Candidates | Kathleen Duffy

Strategies You’ll Need to Attract the Best Candidates Ten million jobs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics [Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary], that’s how many jobs were available at the end of June. That’s ten million positions that need to be filled, and ten million opportunities for job seekers. If you’re an […]

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Eliminate Your Location Bias

Eliminate Your Location Bias | Build a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce | Kathleen Duffy

A Remote Workplace Can Help You Build a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce With more than half of all adults in the U.S. now fully vaccinated, many companies are eager to transition their employees back to in-person work. My advice to my clients? Not so fast. A remote workplace can be your competitive advantage, equipping you […]

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Back to Work Post-Pandemic

Back to Work Post-Pandemic | Kathleen Duffy | Author

Measures Companies Can Take to Ensure their Employees are Safe The pandemic has upended businesses, forcing some to shutter temporarily and others to facilitate remote working. But now, in conversations with corporate executives, I hear one question consistently asked: How can I assure my employees that their workplace is safe?  I’ve thought a lot about […]

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