Your Recruitment Process: Are you attracting the right candidates? Maybe it’s time to optimize your recruiting style!

Are you finding the right people?

Have you spent thousands to fill a position just hoping that hire “works out”? 

Given the current economic conditions, finding, hiring, and engaging the right talent for today as well as the future is a leader’s biggest workforce challenge.  

Your team is the backbone of your organization. Having a great team can ensure a successful future for your company. But hiring the wrong candidate to join the fold could drastically hinder your organization’s culture, productivity, and profitability. Yet research shows that every year companies lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in hiring costs, compensation, disruption costs, along with the money spent remedying failures, mistakes, and unmet business opportunities, due to bad hires. 

Enough to make you question your hiring decisions?

Well, maybe it isn’t your decision process… Maybe it is your recruitment process!

That’s where I come in…

While the work your organization does is important — I would argue that the people you choose to make up your team and execute that work is equally important. The information my team and I can gather through our unique “Recruitment Research” method, supplemented with a collaborative approach to the hiring process, has proved to be highly beneficial to the companies and organizations that we serve. Recruitment Research can help clients maximize their recruitment resources while also saving them up to 50 percent over traditional recruiting fees and supply them with highly qualified candidates who can immediately begin adding value to their organization. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not.

Want to find out if Recruitment Research might be a fit for your company? 

Simply answer the following questions to determine what type of recruitment process might work best for your organization! 

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